Sunday, December 29, 2013

✽ Colorful and Sexy Carnival Designs! ✽

From Venice to Rio de Janeiro
I created Carnival Girls portraits and Silhouettes, 
and Posters for Carnival Parties!

I've collected here some of them. 
When You'll find the one You prefer, just click on image and the links lead to the page! :)

Enjoy! :)

This one is my Carnival Besteseller Design on Fotolia:

Harlequin Carnival Party Mask Poster

Sexy Golden Girl Carnival Mask's Silhouette / Costume on the Night!

Smiling Joker Mask

Exotic and Sexy Carnival Girls from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Sexy and Mysterious Girl with Carnival Black Mask!

Glitter Colorful Harlequin Mask!

Golden Venice Carnival Mask

Feathers Carnival Mask Girl's Portrait

Smiling Brazil Carnival Party Girl!

Golden Bright Venice Carnival Mask Poster
Come see more Carnival Party Designs HERE

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