Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Golden Buddha Siddhartha Gautama Design

I Want to present here my New Vector Graphic on Fotolia :)
Thanks for stopping by! 
Golden Buddha Siddhartha Gautama - Vector

Buddhism is a religion that is not based on the idea of God—it’s more of a way of life, so it is actually a philosophy, but most people still call Buddhism a religion.  Siddhartha believed in a powerful spirit force, but not a god.  A “Buddha” is a person who discovers the true understanding of life through years of spiritual investigation and studying using meditation. 

There have been several Buddhas, but Siddhartha was THE Buddha.  Buddhists respect all life and encourage nonviolence and kindness.  Buddhism encourages its followers to reach enlightenment—understanding the true meaning of life and truth about the world.   

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