"Escape into the Wild" ~ Graphics / video / Music by BluedarkArt the Cha...

Are You ready to start running on a Jungle of Colors, Images and Rythm? 
Let the rythmic images beat with Your Heart and with Percussions and Keyboards! 
Follow me on an irresistible urge to flee, to escape from everyday life, habits, everything that stifles us and crush us ... 
an escape to the Jungle, to Nature, to Freedom! Run! Run! Let he beating of your Heart follow these sounds, giving rythm to your running, and opening Your Path to the Unknown, to a New World, a Better World! Never give up!

...now, put Your Headphones, turn the Volume up...and GO!

Video / Photography / Designs / Illustrations by BluedarkArt

- All the images on this video are Copyright by BluedarkArt, from Fotolia http://us.fotolia.com/p/200929677 or http://it.fotolia.com/p/200929677
- Music 'Escape to the Jungle' is composed by BluedarkArt :  Copyright by BluDarkMuse : https://soundcloud.com/bludarkmuse

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