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iPhone 5 Case

About the Design:
Brazilian Toco Toucan on Tropical Jungle, wearing a Scarf with Brazil Flag Colors. For Brazil Lovers and for Brazil 2014 Football worldcup Supporters! - by BluedarkArt

Let me tell You a little bit more about Toco Toucans (ツ)
The Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco), also known as the Toucan or Common Toucan, is the largest and probably the best known species in the toucan family. 
It is found in semi-open habitats throughout a large part of central and eastern South America.
It occurs in northern and eastern Bolivia, extreme south-eastern Peru, northern Argentina, eastern and central Paraguay, eastern and southern Brazil (excluding southern Rio Grande do Sul, 
the dry regions dominated by Caatinga vegetation and coastal regions between Ceará and Rio de Janeiro). Other disjunct populations occur along the lower Amazon River 
(Ilha de Marajó west approximately to the Madeira River), far northern Brazil in Roraima, and coastal regions of the Guianas. It only penetrates the Amazon in relatively open areas 
(e.g. along river corridors). It is resident, but local movements may occur. [Source: Wikipedia - Read more]

This Design is available on many other media on Store.


iPhone 5 Case

About the Design:
Brazil Flag Colors Painted on a Beautiful Girl s Face. The perfect Design to celebrate Brazil 2014 Football Fever Worldcup! - by BluedarkArt

This Design is available on many other media on Store

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